I have an extraneous DC welder/plasma cutter. I’ve owned it since new and it’s still new-like in its condition, even though I’ve done several cool projects with it over a period of about five years.

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I upgraded to slightly better TIG and Plasma torches, moved the power switch to the front, and added a quick-disconnect to the gas line on the back. A lot of plasma consumables for the torch are included, along with an ARC stinger, ground cable, upgraded flowmeter. and several extras to go with the unit.

This is a dual-voltage unit that is undoubtedly identical to the many Lotos CAT520D units and others under other labels. They’re still being produced too, I believe. They’re Mofset inverters. This one is wired for a foot pedal, but one is not included; they’re available for about $90.

Ideally, as a trade, the I-Mig 140E must be in great condition and include the typical included accessories. I give an assigned cash value to both units (used, like new) at about $300, before shipping.

Otherwise, other similar trades may be considered.

Peace be with you all,
C. Livingstone