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    Ive just purchased my !st tig machine. never tiged before. Got the machine out of the box, set up properly, fresh bottle of argon, Began padding beads. Every thing was going well, beads were looking good. got down to about 525-550 psi argon i started getting an Green flash, erratic arc, so i turned up the gas flow, cleaned up tungsten. began running good beads again until i got to 500psi. Green arc started again erratic arc occured again, but this time couldn't fix the problem. Any suggestions.

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    Green is a contaminated tungsten. If you are getting a flash, it is your auto dark helmet.

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    The dreaded GREEN UMBRELLA arc is contaminated tungsten. Source?(many possibilities).
    Argon flow will vary by tank size and psi in tank,check flow at start of weld and occasionally during the day/practice session.
    I find increasing helmet delay on ADF helmet(time before it returns clear) helps during low amperage welding to prevent helmet flash. Or a 4 sensor helmet also helps.

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