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    Default 2016 PowerTIG 250EX

    So, I decided to try out the new 250EX. Just ordered it today with the SSC foot pedal. I already have a CK Worldwide torch from my previous machine.

    I've had a few green machines, even the older 200DX. My I-TIG is just a great welder. But time for a new TIG.

    I'll post unboxing video and a few videos using the machine.
    Purple Fabricator 211i

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    On my old 200DX I had the 25' CK flex torch that I just loved.

    Arc-Zone has these for about $40 more than Amazon. So I ordered them today.

    CK Worldwide SL2-35 Gas Cooled Safe Loc, Black - $39.11 ( Arc-Zone price - $49.30


    CK CK1325HSF FX Torch Pkg 130A Gas Fx w/. 25' 1 Piece - $97.66 ( Arc-Zone price - $136.74

    Purple Fabricator 211i

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