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Thread: Mr. TIG with a CK Steady Grip TIG Amptrol for Everlast EXT Unit

  1. Default Mr. TIG with a CK Steady Grip TIG Amptrol for Everlast EXT Unit


    I'm curious where or how Mr. TIG got one of these CK Steady Grip Amptrol units going on an Everlast unit.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, as I have a 210EXT and would like to try one of these.

    Peace to you all,
    C. Livingstone

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    Just call everlast sales to buy anything CK makes. 1-877-755-WELD (9353)
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    I did already call some time ago, and was told that something "new" was coming as an amptrol option. I got tired of waiting though, and finally ordered the 26 series amptrol TIG torch that Everlast offers. It's OK, and I like how the arc initiating button is separate from the actual amptrol, which allows for 4T and amp adjustment. It's still a little new to me though, and settings seem a little tricky somehow.

    Otherwise, I appreciated the Everlast sales staff suggesting that I wait for something that may better. And I think the 210EXT product options on the website are already implying that a new Amptrol TIG torch may be an option.

    I suspect that the CK Steady Grip is what Everlast has in mind, but I don't blame them for not releasing information on planned products which may or may not happen.

    But, interestingly, Mr. TIG is already selling these Steady Grip units for three TIG welder makes, including the AHP. And it's just that the pots may not match the 50k of the Everlast units, which is why I won't buy one of them and wire it up to a 7-pin Everlast/Panasonic plug.

    So, any additional feedback is also appreciated.

    C. Livingstone
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    CK makes that in a 1k, 5k, and 10k. You need to check your 210 as some of that model runs a 1k, AFAIK. Also it was reported when it first came out that one of the features of the digital units was that they would work with a number of different resistance remotes. Not sure if that made it into the final design or not. Call tech support and check for your version. Depending on what kind of pot was used, you might also be able to swap that part out in a CK unit to suit your application.
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    I think I did check the AHP pots for their 2014 and 2015 models, as Mr. TIG offers different CK Steady Grip units for each. If I remember correctly, both AHP pots did not seem to approximate 47k or 50k.

    I think I even posted questions like these at the forum, a few months ago, as Mr. TIG was using one with an Everlast, but got no real response as to where or how set up a CK Steady Grip on an Everlast EXT unit like Mr. TIG was doing.

    My 210 EXT is a 2015 version, so maybe I could use one of those CK Steady Grips that sells for the AHP, after checking the pin-out routing.

    C. Livingstone
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    Any updates...Did anyone get the CK Steady Grip to work with the 7 pin 47k Everlast yet?

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    Well, I haven't done any more follow-up on the topic, and instead just got the optional series 26 amptrol TIG torch from Everlast, with the Migatronic-style arc initiator button and the amptrol dial as a separate function. And even though the pictured item on the Everlast website showed the vertical dial style (which I thought I may have preferred), it arrived with the horizontal dial style (which I'm now pretty convinced I do or would prefer, since it seems my index finger comes to rest right there, without having to reach it up and over a bit to actuate the dial as the vertical model undoubtedly causes people to do).

    Apparently, this horizontal style is the only type available from Everlast, which may be a good thing. The torch itself is a bit of a handful, but I'm getting used to it. I put a super-flex hose on it too. I'm using it with a dual function/selection on the 210EXT of 4T and Pedal mode (I don't know if most Everlast units can do that or if it's just the Digital ones that do), in which I set the amps on the panel a little above what I'll probably use and the dial of the torch all the way to the stop at 10 (so, initially, it can only go one way, i.e., lower amps, which is making it a little simpler to use at first, and then I just use a 4T method without any up or down slope. But I'm just a newbie when it comes to the 4T method and amptrol torches, and these settings are still new to me.

    I'm thinking that I like my current arrangement well enough to set the interest in the SteadyGrip aside for a while. But I do hope customers keep banging the proverbial drum about this, as Mr. TIG has shown in his video to the world that it's perfectly doable and would undoubtedly be a great option for Everlast customers from any source.

    Peace be with you,
    C. Livingstone

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