I sent my welder in for warranty which cost me $92 bucks I sent it in June they received it June 19th. I have called a few times trying to find out an update on my welder they told me 1st or second week of July it would be looked at and I would get an email with the report. I called mid July because I never received an email. They to me the exact same story almost word for word that they had it and that they will look at it in the order it was received and they will know something within the next two weeks. Well now it is the end of August I still have received no email that it has been looked at they have had it for two months and not even touched it as far as I know. Does this happen a lot? Is this why the warranty is for five years? So things don't have to be done in a timely manner? I am out of work because my machine is gone I don't have another as a back up. Should I expect it to take another few months to complete? I believer I should be re emburssed the time my welder is gone and have it roll over on my warranty and count for the time it's in my possession. Should I have to pay to get it back or should I talk to everlast about shipping it back to me at their expense due to the inconvenience? I hope someone from the everlast team reads this and gets the ball rolling and can justify these issues I'm dealing with.