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Thread: Still waiting to hear from sales

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    Been waiting a week for word of when the Powertig 185 models would be in stock. Tried to buy one a year ago also but had to jump through hoops just to get some basic info. Then I was treated like I was a pain in the ###. Thought I would give Everlast another chance but does not seem that the sales team are interested in selling me anything. Is business so good that they are turning away customers? Do they not believe in follow up phone calls or keeping potential customers informed?
    May have to go with another brand that can deliver, hate to as I wanted to try one of these units but cannot keep MY customers waiting and work is backing up in my shop.
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    Just received an email with basically the same info I received a week ago. Would have been nice to receive a follow up call without the prompting. Most places when you inquire about their product will hound you trying to sell you that product. Not Everlast I guess.

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    If they are out of stock, there is no new news to report and nothing we can do unless you want to place a pre order for one. Customs being what they are, they can hold a load indefinitely (not usually though) so providing exact times etc. only leads to frustration on both sides. We've been pretty open about this type of thing and it has well established on the forum of the problems doing so creates. Many people don't want to preorder, and those that do go ahead and do it at the time they are informed of the un-availability of an item.

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    Mark, Thanks for the response. But I do believe there is something you can do even if there is no news, you can send the customer a quick note or text letting them know that they have not been forgotten. I don't need dates or times, just want to be kept informed and feel like I am valued as a potential customer. Keeping the customer "in the loop" is a good sales move in my book. Most any where else when you inquire about a high ticket item, you are hounded by a salesman with follow ups. Almost seems like at Everlast you have to beg to get any info. I am not basing this on just my recent experience but some past experience with Everlast.
    I see the the units are still being sold on, how is this possible if they are not in stock?

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    Amazon buys and sells alongside it's partners.
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    Just received a call from another sales office and was able to order my Powertig 185. seems they have been in stock for a week now. Strange? Must be some communication issues

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