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Thread: wanting to buy stick welder

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    Default wanting to buy stick welder

    looking to buy a stick welder and wanted to know what size genarator i might need for either the 160sth or 200?never done any stick welding but i live in farm country and want to do repairs for farmers if needed...what size welder would everyone suggest?
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    This subject has been kicked around a number of times,,,myself I have used a PA200 and an Imig 205 with my have an Imig 205 and it will do pretty good stick...for light portability and great stick you cannot beat the PA 200...very good genset is a force 5 from northern tool 9200 surge 7000 watts with remote,,,they no longer sell under that name,,,but the Champion model is identical to it,,,it has remote, a bit pricey at $1000.00,,I won't buy a genset without remote,,,just too handy...As for hauling around bottles of gas for the mig or a use that in a shop where the wind doesn't blow...just a simple stick welder and a genset can do alot of,, in the field repairs....
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    what foot pedal does the 160sth use...i have a 250ex...will the foot pedal work on the 160sth?
    250 ex
    205 mig
    milwaukee grinder
    140e mig

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    I ran a power arc 200 on a power horse 7000 from Northern Tool for a solid two years without any issues. I ran it till I could afford an engine drive. When people ask me what I started with I tell them about that combo. It's a great setup to start with. As far as stick welding is concerned it's as good if not better than a miller max star 150.
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    My Engine driven rig is (and has been for a decade now) is a Pramac 10000 with a Honda GX620 V-twin and an old Miller Dialarc 250.

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