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    We've just added a video to youtube. It covers the PowerARC welders, in particularly the 200. But, both units are very similar in features except output.

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    A good video, the amp settings are correct and the rod burn nice and easy the same as I'm getting on my powerarc 200.

    If you want to weld this is the welder for you, it does the job and it has a nice smooth arc making even a newbie look good.

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    The PowerArc has a very forgiving amp range on the low end, especially for cellulose rods. I have run 3/32 6010 5P+ in the 50's and 1/8 7018's in the 90's with little problem.

    I know of one commercial customer replacing his Miller Maxstar/CST fleet with our PA 200's as he needs them. So far, I think he has bought 5 or 6 and according to the dealer is well pleased and his workers like them on the construction site. Even they are using them for DC tig with a gas valve torch. Excellent arc capabilities.
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