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Thread: Help with spoolgun aluminum welds

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoama View Post
    Any luck finding those settings? Do you use different settings for 5356?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoama View Post
    Thank you for the tips but 99% of my spool gun work is .090 aluminum sheet and tube. I need pulse to prevent heat buildup from burning through.
    When I weld .100 aluminum I still use 4043 3/64" (.047) wire at around 16 to 17 Volts 230 to 250 amps/wire argon 20 to 22 CFM and it is close to spray welding. The pulse is nice but I don't have that feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by everlastsupport View Post
    I will get the starting range my son uses. We do 4043 all the time and look great. No spatter. We have never got it to spray with aluminum either.

    Any new developments?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoama View Post
    Any new developments?
    He said the main thing is he has to run the AMP/speed knob all the way up. Also little over 1/4" is all he can do wit 4043 .030
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