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Thread: Friendly modification for a powertig

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    Default Friendly modification for a powertig

    I just got in from my shop, I did a neat little mod that takes 20 minutes and will make your life a little easier. I added a quick connect to the gas inlet. I searched around and cannot find anything on the market, so I use what I find.

    First disconnect machine. Open'er up and disconnect the solenoid from the body, no need to unwire just treat it with respect. Remove the inlet fitting with two wrenches, one to support the solenoid, its in there tight. Cut the first couple barbs off and you should be left with about 3/8 of stem you can run a die over. I'm sure all of you have a 1/4 quick connect. Cut the threads off and drill to the appropriate size for mating tap, tapp'er out. Reassemble with teflon or dope, and replace sheet metal. All that is left is to put the female on the gas hose.

    If you are like me I go to different sites and I don't like to transport the machine with a regulator dangling off. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the mod. Can you post a few photos? Also what size tap did you use?

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    I have no digi cam so no pics yet. I also used a 8x1.125 tap and die.

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