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    I just got a new w300 220v water cooler. Using it with a CK Flexloc 25' torch. I noticed when I look inside the the filler cap with the cooler running the return doesn't appear to have much pressure. It appears to be working but I just want be sure, and don't want to burn up a new torch. If anyone has one of these, could you let me know if this is normal.

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    I don't have that cooler, but here's my experience with the one I have...

    It's a Miler and has a clear plastic tube where you can observe the coolant flow. I used it with that big, bulky, goofy torch that came with my PP256 and got used to seeing a pretty strong stream in it while running.

    I bought the 25' CK Flexloc and thought something was terribly wrong with it because that strong stream was barely a "trickle". I called CK because I too didn't want to burn-up my new torch. They told me it was normal to have just a trickle and, if I was really concerned, I could disconnect the return and run it into container. I forget the exact measurement that was the minimum, but I used a 24oz cup and it filled it in like 30 secs and that was over the amount I was told it should be by a fair amount...

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    I thought the same thing. This cooler is suppose to run .26gpm. So I ran it into a 2 quart container in just under 2 minutes. So it seems to be right. It's good to hear CK says that's correct with the 25' torch. Makes me feel a little better.

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