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Thread: SuperUltra 205 Stick - Switch Polarity? from DCEP to DCEN

  1. Default SuperUltra 205 Stick - Switch Polarity? from DCEP to DCEN

    I did multiple searches, and RTM, but I can't find an answer to my question. Please forgive me if I missed a post that explains this.

    I'm a new welder, but have learned that there are times and situations where being able to use DCEN is better than DCEP (Electrode Negative or DC- as opposed to Electrode Positive or DC+).

    The SuperUltra 205 manual shows setup in one way, and that is DCEP/DC+. It also lists STICK CELLULOSE ROD CAPABLE 6010,6011 / 6011 ONLY (DC+)

    I don't see any difference in the Dinse connectors, and have a decent grasp of simple electronics. DC- 'should' work, and the machine shouldn't know the difference, right?

    Are there any restrictions on swapping to DC- with this device? Are the schematics published anywhere?
    Thanks in advance.

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    You can run DCEN SMAW, but with modern inverters there are few times you would want to. For TIG (GTAW) the reverse is the case.
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    Thanks Rambozo!

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    There are really no times you'd ever run electrode negative. Not since the 60's really. Since the advent of better and more advanced stick electrodes, DCEN is more of a theoretical point than anything else as 6011 is about the only one (maybe 6013) that will run well on negative...well, not exactly well, but ok. Now there are a few things I know I use it for, but I won't talk about it here in public so not to start a controversy among the professionals. But the people I've related this to so far have found it interesting on my "discovery" as well...but I digress. Your inverter won't know the difference, but you will know the difference once you use it, and no it's not the machine that is giving you grief with stuck rods and funky slag.

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    So what you're saying is, it might be time to get a newer welding book? =) Thanks for the reply!

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