Its been mentioned here and there, but all customers need to check the plumbing of their water cooled torches before hooking them up. Some torches have the quick connect fitting for the argon line in the water discharge line. The water discharge line is the line/cable that connects directly to the DINSE connector and "plugs" into the machine.

The argon line is usually labeled as "Ar". The clamp must be clipped off with a pair of cutters similar to side cutters or dykes. The nipple fitting slides easily out and it must be inserted into the Argon line and clamped with a 5/16 inch or smaller hose clamp or similar clamp. If the Argon line is not labeled, then it is the shiny smaller line. The remaining line is the water input line. It has a braided appearance that is visible under the plastic "skin" of the line.

Another alternative way to find the lines is to blow air into the line and watch for air to discharge from the torch tip. This is the Argon line.

DO NOT CHANGE THE LINES INSIDE THE HANDLE!!!! THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. DO NOT BE CONFUSED BY THE DIFFERENCE IN PLUMBING OF A WATER COOLED TORCH AND AIR COOLED TORCH. They are different. The actual lines on the torch are plumbed correctly...just the fitting is inserted in the wrong hose. Unfortunately when we added the quick connect, some of the assembly workers in the separate torch plant were confused as well and this is how we have this problem. There is no need to return the torch for repair. Its literally a 30 second fix. Any "warranty" torches may also have this condition. We are working on a new torch so this shouldn't be a problem for too much longer.