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Thread: Something went wrong with my welder today

  1. Default Something went wrong with my welder today

    I have th power pro 256 and I went and turned it on like I always do and after about 30 seconds I heard a loud pop from inside the unit and it shut down and popped the circuit breaker. I wasnt welding or cutting with it yet and it had no load when this happened. Any ideas or thoughts out there on what may have happened it sounded to loud to just be a fuse but maybe a capacitor or something went bad it is still under warranty I just don't know what I need to do now for it. Maybe if any of the admin or representatives can send me a pm on what I should do now? Thanks

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    I am going to take a wild ### guess and say it is a large wire wound resistor,,,,very similar to the ballast resistor you would have mounted on the fire wall of older cars...when they blow that makes one hell of noise..BANG...
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    You could be right about a cap, but since you're asking, I'm guessing a blown IGBT module. Whatever you let the smoke out of, you should call support as your next step.

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    Probably on the plasma side, which are not modules.

    Whatever the case though, call tech support at 207 right away. No need to try to check anything since this sounds catastrophic to the machine. I have found a wire under the cover or something before that rubbed or touched and made a sound but this is probably something else.

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