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    Is everlast going to go this route? I would be into buying one. I am planning on buying a new trailblazer next year but if someting was in the works could wait for it and run our ranger and bobcat till then. Just makes since since you make gens and welders.

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    I can not answer you question but I will say that the trailblazer line is light years better than the Bobcat line. Once you run the trailblazer you wish you had dumped the bobcat long ago. I do not know much about the Ranger line but if it welds about like your bobcat it is not very good. I have run many Bobcats on job sites over the years and I just hate welding with them. I would not give up my 302 for anything unless I was pipe welding. Even that the trailblazer does alright but there are better machines for that application . Look around for a used one. I picked mine up with 16 hrs on it for $3600. There are a lot of guys that buy them to start a business then find out they either do not have connections or that the price of liability insurance is too expensive or unobtainable.

    If Everlast does start building them I would not buy one unless I could weld with it first or it had a good test/review on Gas drive welders are not all the same believe me.
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