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  1. Unhappy Brand new and non-op

    Just unpacked with much anticipation my new
    2015 Everlast PowerMig 140E MIG welder 110v 120v volts FLUX 140AMP .
    set it up, loaded spool, pre-fed the wire past the drive rollers, closed the feed tension, pulled the trigger and it fed fine for about 3 seconds, then stopped. Not just the feed, the whole unit seemed to turn off. but the power light was still on, and i can hear the switches click when i pull the trigger on the gun. And the main fan is off. OK, unplug unit, wait 5 min, turn it back on, good fan on lights on, pull the trigger, feeds fine for3 sec then off, fan off, click of trigger but no action. tried this several times. no joy. And if if just turn off the switch of the machine and then back on, no better still no main fan. You have to wait for 3-5 min.
    So, please somebody tell me I'm an idiot, and didn't do something right. it'll be a lot easier to look like an idiot than have to pack this thing back up and ship it back!!!

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    One thing you might check is that the power outlet you are plugged into is wired correctly and doesn't have the hot and neutral swapped. Not sure of that model, but it makes a difference on other inverters. Also along with that is that you don't use a wimpy extension cord. You can also give support a call to make sure you have nothing odd going on.
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    Thanks, i'll verify that. I think its right, but you never know.

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    This is a single board design. The fan not running would be indicative of a problem close to the power button possibly. The unit charges the banks of capacitors, and then seems to go out. Might be a loose wire.

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