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Thread: Is it safe to run Everlast welders from an engine driven welder.

  1. Default Is it safe to run Everlast welders from an engine driven welder.

    I have a Lincoln eagle 1000 engine driven welder , Lincoln says it can be used to run inverter welder and plasma cutters ,but I can’t find any specs for THD. I have a good digital storage o-sope ,but I am not sure how to test the output other than to see if it looks like a sine wave without a lot of transient spikes. What experiences do any of you on the form have with running Everlast equipment from generators? I don’t want to risk a $1000 mig machine to get my answer until I have some more information. Can I protect the welder with some parallel MOV’s or a line reactor? I know what the manual says but what do you find that works in the field?

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    You could do a rough THD measurement by using a notch filter to remove the fundamental, then measure what is left on the scope. Also does your engine drive use an inverter for the aux power output?
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    I run my MTS250S mig and my 60amp plasma cutter off my miller 302 gas drive. I have had no problems running them. They work as good as if I had them on the grid. If your Lincoln states that you can run inverters from it then I can't see why it would not work. I used to run my Thermal arc tig/stick welder off a cheep chinese 5500 watt Harbor Freight generator with no problems.

    I went to lincolns website and it does state that the Eagle can run an inverter welder but it does not state how clean the power is. I would call a lincoln dealer and insist that they get more info from lincoln than what the brochure states. They shold be able to tell you how clean the power is. But I think you will have no problem.
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    If lincoln says it will run inverters you are probably fine. I use a porter cable 5500 for the IMIG200 all the time. For me, the main thing is you have the amps (input amps) to match the welder. You have a good power source. But like said, call them and get the thd to be safe...
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    Just got the 185 tig and can not seem to find any info on how big a generator one needs to power this welder , thanks in advance for any I fo pointing me in theright direction

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