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    Aloha from Maui. I have a 210 ext and think it's great. However I am doing a lot of stick work at my new job. It runs 7018 great but I can't get 6011 to run for crap. On our little miller maxstar I can do perfect welds with 6011. I think I must not have the hotstart and arc force set right so any suggestions would be great.

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    The main difference between 7018 & 6011 is the arc length,,,7018 is a drag type rod,,short arc distance 1/8 or less,,6011 is a long arc length rod 1/8 to 1/4 inch,,,using arc force on a 6011 rod will possibly have more varied results because of the arc length range and maybe harder to dial in as a result,,,I think you have answered your own question and I would try zeroing out the arc force when using that rod,,see if that improves your result and let us know...I have never used that machine so I'm only guessing...
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    I will try this today it was weird it was pretty much surging maybe because of arc length and dig. Even my boss couldn't get it I will try again today after work and report back.

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    well I got 6011 going for a second then no real amps. Just a little spark tried different rods and the tig. I get juice but no real power I guess I blew the board? Custer service wanted me to mail the whole welder in. I live in Hawaii so thats 200$ pretty bummed since I have three big jobs going and need this unit. I was told I could send in the board weired there are no error codes or anything. Anybody have advice on taking out the board or what to do?

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    Which model is it? Does it have one knob or two?

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    its the new power tig 210 ext one knob.

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