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Thread: FS: PowerTig 185 22K Foot Pedal - Brand New

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    Default FS: PowerTig 185 22K Foot Pedal - Brand New

    Just recieved my PowerTig 185 today and to my surprise it came with a foot pedal. I had already ordered an SSC pedal so I have no use for this. Pedal is brand new / unused, 22K ohm.

    $75 shipped

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    Before you sell it, if you ordered the SSC from us, make sure that someone did not make a substitute for the pedal. I'd keep it for back up anyway. The pedal is a decent pedal. The SSC is going to be a 47k pedal and won't work right if the new 185 came with a 22k.

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    I called the Tech line again after getting off the phone with you. The tech again confirmed that the newer models take a 47K and the older models take a 22K. I hooked up my 47K SSC pedal and was able to get full amperage out of it, so it just looks like I was shipped the wrong pedal for my machine.

    No worries.

    Thank you.

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