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Thread: PowerUltra 206Pi Equivilant ARC only

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    Hello, I love my 206PI and was curious what machine has equal performance in the Arc only function? My dad's an old school stick welder, that's all he's known. He hasn't had his own machine since he sold the farm he and his brother ran for years back in 2005. His brother lives on the farmstead proper still, so he took possession of the buzz box. I let my dad try my 206PI once and he really liked how it ran. Thinking of getting pops a machine for his birthday. All it really needs to be IMO is 120/240V capable. Just curious what the most comparable model in the Arc only form matches my machine?

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    Any machine is as good as that that we have. In fact, I'd say the 206pi is not as good as some of the others, especially our powerarc welders. It's ok. But if you want to get him one, get him a PowerARC 200STi. Can't go wrong.

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