I'm taking welding at school. My teacher has shown me how to weld vertical w/6010, but I still can't get the hang of it. I know that I have to have that 'snorkel' or 'echo' sound-I think I know that the rod angle should be pretty flat or perhaps somewhat tilted up in direction of weld. I've seen multiple videos of people welding up, slowly moving the keyhole up. I can't seem to duplicate the results, except in very limited (3/4 to 1 inch) distances.
How much 'snorkeling' sound should there be? Should it be maximized? I think the electrode end should be a little short of the land this makes it 'snorkel' quieter, and the sounds sometimes fades slightly as the electrode fluctuates around the beginning of the land area. I"m using (now) Lincoln 5P+, and when I stopped yesterday it was about 100 amps, and I had tried the lower amperage's from about 75 amps up (using 1/8" electrodes) to 100 amps.
I think a written description might help me.
Some videos seem to show the person going in a forward and back motion (short arc, and seems about start of land area. They just go forward and back (maybe half?) and slowly move the keyhole up. Others seem to include the round hole itself.
What I'm getting is excess weld on both sides of the plate. The weld is rolling and drooping down on both sides.
I"ve only got a few plates left and don't seem to be making progress at all. I'm at home with my personal welder (invertor w/ 6010 port) and I'm just ruining material.
Maybe if I had a 'target' to shoot for, like should the electrode end be right at the beginning of land, and using the forward and back motion? I also end up with a huge holes, maybe size of a nickel or a little smaller, when I reach the top of plate and don't have any more material above to melt down to move the keyhole up.
Also I could use a description of how to do a full penetration weld (everything the same as above but horizontal (2G). Of course my first description is for 3G.
Thanks for any help!

I'm using a PowerArc 300