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Thread: Settings guide?

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    Default Settings guide?

    Does the Power I-Mig have a chart inside the door showing suggested amp and wire feed settings? I couldn't tell from the literature.

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    No, they don't. These units have variable adjustment capability and not a set A,B,C, or D setting. Fixed settings lend themselves more to a chart situation. Also with the addition of arc force control, a third factor in setup, it makes it even more difficult to get a setting that works for everybody.

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    These will get you in the ballpark, but there are so many variables that you really do need to fine tune for your application. A small adjustment can really make the difference between good enough for who it's for, and oh wow, that's nailed it.
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    If it's helpful, there are "Intro to MIG" videos from Jody Collier, here:

    Welding-tv is a sister site for
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