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Thread: What settings for 210EXT? There are so many options! I'm trying to use 6011, 1/8" in.

  1. Default What settings for 210EXT? There are so many options! I'm trying to use 6011, 1/8" in.

    I'm sort of starting to get the hang of 6010 at school and was hoping to duplicate (at least somewhat) the results I'm getting at school with my 210EXT. I'm got the arc force set at about 60%, I've got the VRD turned off. I've tried AC, DCEP, DCEN but I'm not getting the same results that I'm getting with the schools big machines. They have 300-400 amp machines that are about half the size of a refrigerator. I was hoping to get 6011 working somewhat similar to the 6010 we are using at school. My biggest problem is getting the arc to stay lit, it goes out when I 'whip' it up (inverted T). I've got a real forceful arc, but it's not acting the same.
    I'm happy with the TIG part of the machine, but I'm having problems with the stick part.

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    I don't believe that machine is good with 6010. Try 6011 instead, it will work fine. DCEP is the norm, but the rod will run with anything. Arc force is more of personal style, but 60% is a good starting point for sure. Inverters do weld different than transformers and way different than engine drives, so you will have to learn to make adjustments to your technique. You can't whip quite as far without going overvoltage. I've never used a machine with VRD, so I don't know, but would guess it might make things harder, if a little safer, so you are probably right to keep that off, at least until you get the hang of it. Don't expect your machine to run like the big ones. It takes a different touch to get the best results. But once you learn it, it will do the job just fine with 6011. If you just have to have 6010, you might want to look at some of the Power Arc machines with a special 6010 mode.
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    6010 will not work well, though that depends upon who you ask. It's not setup to weld 6010 like some of the other machines.

    I would mention as a note that a lot of places like yours have not updated their facilities. If you are welding with fridge sized machines, then you likely aren't welding with inverters. Inverters weld differently than transformers. Where you pull out with a rod to warm things up with a transformer to keep from sticking or to give a little more heat to the puddle, you push in to activate the arc force with the inverter. MIller has an article or two on this on their site, but the link escapes me right now. Another issue too is that a lot of new guys or even old guys who have gotten the "cowboy" attitude like to flip the tip of the rod way too far out of the puddle, like they are beating their dog or something. Not necessary, and not a good idea either as you can introduce impurities that way to the weld. Whipping, at least the conservative method of it isn't so much about the height, but stepping it in front of the puddle and then putting the rod back in as the keyhole forms.

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