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    Either I'm lucky, or skilled. Betting I'm lucky. I TIG'd 20ga sheet together without blowing a hole through the sides!
    Lots of welding without blowing holes in the sides! Still some work to be done inside the hoppers, but welding in place a compound bent piece with the assistance of wood blocking and spreader clamps 'just' got it in place enough to tack. Lots more welding to get it smooth and able to flow the pellets without getting stuck on the sides.
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    Understand that I 'just' got this welder a short while back, and had less than an hour or so of TIG time before I started welding sheet-metal Saturday! I'm impressed! Really controllable using the foot pedal, and the nice tight arc made a very precise weld. Bet it would have held water.

    Working on a new(er) pellet stove, a bigger brother to the one I built a few months ago.
    I kinda introduced it in my, well, my introduction thread.
    (gravity fed, no electricity required, visually 'pleasing' when compared to the other one on the market)
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    It's been heating my house without needing the heat-pump to kick on for a while now.
    HVAC fan still circulates the air through the house, it just doesn't need to turn on either the compressor or the electric strips.
    Electric use has really me more money to buy more materials for V2.0.

    Have bigger steel for the new one. 4" vs 3.5" when compared to the last one.
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    New burn chamber, pellet hopper and feed, secondary burn plate and a better ash bin in comparison to the first one.
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    Gonna be a warm winter, and lots more welding here shortly!

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    Most of the body is built. TIG is still rolling along, although the plasma is giving me issues.
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