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Thread: Interested in the Powerarc 280 STH any reviews?

  1. Default Interested in the Powerarc 280 STH any reviews?

    I'm curious if anyone has this machine and how it performs overall. This machine looks right up my alley, it stick welds in the amp range I need as well as Tig welds on DC also.

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    I put it online and went over the features. Chuckie2009 has done a video as well...a really decent review. I'd would have looked at a couple other things, but overall, things are pretty good with the welder. We took a little while to put things into gear with the 280sth. We wanted to make sure it welded stick as well as it did tig and vice versa. We went back to the drawing board on a couple things and now the reactor is probably about twice as large as the original models and stick is as good as I've seen. If you like arc force, that baby has it to spare now.

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    I saw chuckie09 review and it looked good I haven't seen yours I'll look at those later today.

    I was curious what others thought as well. Arc force is always nice.

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