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    Bought a PowerPlasma 50 for a CNC table I've got and been trying to get the Proma THC to work with mixed results. Removed the jumper in the internal board to set the divider to 1/50 and connected to pins 4 and 6, then fired up the plasma, but nothing shows on the Proma THC. Attached a multimeter instead and get a reading in the 3 to 4 volts range, so the output must be too weak to drive the Proma ? So I hooked it up to pins 5 and 7 for the "full" voltage and get around 55 Volts on the Proma cutting 2mm steel at 40 amps. This is with a shielded cabled about 1.2m long from the plasma cutter to the Proma THC.

    So is this the voltage I should be getting? Read others getting voltage around 120V? Should I have the Proma mounted on the Plasma Cutter instead?

    Also Pinouts.

    I have pins 1 and 2 attached to a relay controlled By Mach3 to turn torch on/off which works.. sort of. Sometimes the torch stop and starts.

    I have Pins 5 and 7 connected to the Proma THC to read full voltage, which give me approx 55v reading when cutting as mentioned above.

    What's Pin 3 for?? In the manual it says Series 100K"+" but it's not paired to another pin??

    Pins 4 and 6 are for the divided voltage which didn't work for me so I don't use.

    Pin 8 is unused in the manual

    Pins 9 and 10 are ok to move, which I an not using at the moment and from what I've read don't really need.

    Would like to here from anyone who has is using the same and has things working. Read through the CNC Pinout Sticky, but didn't really help.

    Not a lot of info in the manual on using the cutter. Would be nice to have a table giving Amps, Air Pressure, cutting speed, nozzle size,etc. for different steel thicknesses. Perhaps we could have a separate forum section where user/owners could post the settings that work for them, then we could correlate them into a table for new users? Just a thought. :-)

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    For that THC you will need to wire on the inside of the machine. This is so it can read full voltage. I had the same issue, but I moved and never fixed it. You would do that if you had a different brand cutter as well.
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    Don't get on the boards that often anymore, but happened to see your question.

    I wrote a manual on the THC I developed. That goes into detail on how I connected to the PP50 CNC port. That might be helpful. Its on GitHub at:

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    Ahhh. Someone with the same issues as I!!! Hate to say it but some days I wish I went with the other guys some that I can make money with this thing vs cutting things 2x, 1 to nail the settings and 2 to have something I'm proud of.

    I too have the voltage issue you have and been dealing with it. Just got a voltmeter with datalogging so I can moniter what is going on but being -20deg C I'm staying in the house at night! Mine is mounted on the machine but also a 3ft or less deticated and shielded cable between it and the machine.

    Anyways I'l check in with my findings if I have solutions or hopefully you can sort something out too?

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