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    Just got my Cut50D today from the UPS man! Plan to hook it up tomorrow and use it to cut some shock mounts for my RockCrawler Jeep. Will post up some pics and report back once the job is complete. Very excited to have a plasma cutter again since I sold my Miller Spectrum 3 years ago. Crazy thing is the Cut50D is less than a 1/3 of the cost of my Miller and it cuts 3x the thickness supposedly. We'll see what this puppy can do.

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    Welcome to Everlast. I can not tell you how many metal/welder types say "I do not know how I went so long without a plasma cutter". I just went from the Cut50 to Cut70. Debating on going back to the Cut50 as it is lighter, only one handle to carry it. But I can cut over 1" without an issue with the Cut70, so thinking a three tear welding rack and just put it on there. But it is nice to take the Cutter to the work.

    Keep us posted on the project. email or PM if you need anything.

    Mike R.

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