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Thread: A few pics using my I-MIG200

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    Default A few pics using my I-MIG200

    My girlfriend owns a bar rental service. She rents them to parties, wedding, etc... Before I could start on the frame, I had to build a bar frame prototype for a new kind of bar she wants to make. The bars will have the same frame dimensions, but she will have the ability to change the skin of them.

    So this is what I had to build first. All that's left is a outside skin and casters.


    Getting there.


    Now onto my camper frame.


    Work space with 12' pop up canopy set up in the backyard.

    Tires on the wheels.

    Tomorrow I will finish the frame.
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    Nice job Captain. I wanna see that camper finished.
    It would be safer to move the bottles back to the fence and put a bungee cord or something across them to make sure they can't fall over... at least the one with the regulator on it.
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    I like your "screw the first project will be a welding cart" and right on to making money makers and a camper. But I see a cart in your future Yea, I would secure that tank, just to be safe.
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    I need to build a cart LOL. Here are a few more pics. I know the tongue doesn't sit far back on the frame. But the camper won't weigh no more than 1,000 lbs and I'm using 2"x1/4" square tubing. So it's plenty strong the way I have it welded.

    I need to flip the axle, mounting tabs for stabilizer jacks, and a cross brace. And a brace for the tongue box.

    Everything cut.

    Mock up:

    Too high. And I had to weld the axle spindles to the pipe. 100% DIY.

    Need to cap the tongue bars too.

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    And.... now.

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