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    Kind of an FYI. I'm building a cooler, read a lot of forum entries, checked out some other builds, went with a re-purposed carbonator. However, the carbonator pumps are way too high pressure for this application, mine was 250 psi. Fortunately, due to some incorrect plumbing I didn't wreck anything. I found a posting somewhere that mentioned a JC Beverage company as being super helpful. Googled them, turns out they're 30 minutes away in Hitterdal, MN. Nice little mom & pop place, rebuilt 50 psi procon for 43.50 plus a core. Works perfectly.
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    Sounds good. Just an FYI, the 250psi rating is the relief valve setting. It won't be 250psi unless there is enough restriction to make it 250psi.

    Post up some pictures of your project build.
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