After weeks of scouring the web, reading reviews and watching videos. I decided to choose everlast over other brands. I believe I have ordered exactly what I have wanted based on my price range and machine's ability. I purchased my everlast on amazon though everlast which stated their was 2 in stock and free shipping. My concern is I have not received my machine, my order was placed a week and a half before x-mas, I received the shipping/tracking number on 12/16. As any anxious gearhead I checked the tracking number daily and here we are going on 3wks since the order. I did call on 12/22 to verify my order and was told management would contact me, waited long I called back and was told the same thing, I would be contacted. I having to go to work explained this and was transferred to (alex) someone who could help me, why was this not done the first time? Now I was told they were out of 2014 models and the 2015 models would be in and my order would ship in 1 to 2 weeks or they would refund me, and for my troubles I would receive an upgrade tig torch, pedal and consumables kit. So obviously I choose to wait on the 2015. I'm writing this to share my experience buying from this company which hasn't been a good one yet, I will keep this updated as I receive more info. UPS tracking# 1ZW636030363175069