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Thread: Hate it when I get a call that starts out...

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    Default Hate it when I get a call that starts out...

    ...." need some_____?"

    Usually it's crap, or something I don't yet have a use for. Not this time. This time it's a 'score' for me.
    Nearly 400' of strut channel, commonly called Kindorf. 200' of 3/4" fire system conduit, 40' of 2.5" conduit and nearly 200' of 1/2" all-thread scraps.

    The strut is going to make a welding/plasma table, and with the way it's formed, it'll be easy to clamp to, cut on and a nice flat surface to weld on. Since it's galvanized, rust will be reduced (since it's an outside only table). (yeah, all precautions when cutting/welding, I know ) Legs out of the 2.5" conduit, upper frame and table top out of the strut. Oh, yeah, this is gonna work nicely! Being slotted, it'll drain nicely. Sure beats the nearly $600 in material it was going to cost to make my original table.

    Yeah, I hate most of those calls, but this one was worth the quarter. More as it happens.
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    Great score.
    Long arc, short arc, heliarc and in-the-dark!

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    A wounderful example of that old saying "one persons trash is another persons treasure",,,good way to start off the new year.
    Some of those lies people tell about me, are true

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    Got up early (4:30...stove needed stoked)....but didn't get started until about 9. Finished about noon, and started on another project.

    Cut the 3" conduit to 36" long, cut 2@ 4' and 2@5' and welded them to the top of the 3". Driveway is sloped, so keeping everything upright while welding is a real bear.

    Once those were attached, all I did was cut a crapload of 5' pieces, welding ever other one to the top of the frame. Since it's kinda heavy, I welded on some 'skids' to the bottom to help slide it...but it also keeps the bottom level on the ground as well...another great thing when it spans the drain next to the garage wall.

    Cut a few outriggers for the chop saw to support the longer pieces, keeping them level while cutting. They slide on/off. I'll have to make a set for the compound miter wood saw.

    Every other piece is able to be flipped over to make a more level surface, or back 'normal' to make a better bed for the plasma.

    Been a productive morning...but now I need to go work on the pellet stove. The basket needs a bit of opening on the bottom. Just not feeding pellets fast enough for me. Works nice at 450F, but I want 550F. Needs to feed pellets a bit faster to do that.

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    Oh, and going from .287 to .320 has given me an extra 50F or so on the stove.
    "Might" try .350.....'might'. I'd hate to go over, and have to mill out a new one.
    Damn fickle pellets.
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