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Thread: Amperage draw vague on 256s.

  1. Default Amperage draw vague on 256s.

    Along with the threads I've read, the book is vague on the maximum draw this new 256s will pull. I'm not looking for "mine runs fine on a 30a circuit" responses.

    The manual says Maximum Inrush Amps: 42A @ 220V.

    As an electrician I've never seen the term "Inrush".

    What is the max draw of the machine? I know local codes, yadda yadda yadda, but I'm more concerned with what this machine is capable of pulling, and safely supplying that draw.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    To keep it simple,,,Inrush means current draw while powering up the capacitors,,once they are charged the draw on the line is reduced to operating only..
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    Google INRUSH and NEC. You'll get all the education you can stand. If anything inrush is a very specific term and the NEC deals with it extensively, particularly relating to welders, motors etc. It's been used as the primary way of rating current and wiring for some time now I believe.

    It's the value of the current at the maximum surge of the machine.

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    Then the max this machine can possibly draw is 42A? Doesn't sound right but I'll accept that and am grateful. Running 70' or so with a sub panel so 30's should handle it.

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