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Thread: PowerTig 225LX Fan Noise?

  1. Question PowerTig 225LX Fan Noise?

    After turning on my PowerTig 225LX via a 220v washer and drier outlet, I noticed the fan is loud and sounds like it's operating at full speed. Also, as soon as I turn the unit on, that red light shows for a split second, then disappears.

    I thought the fan would ramp up speed based on electrical load. Is this normal operating behavior? (I have not actually welded anything yet)

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    Its operating perfectly normal. The fan always runs at full speed offering maximum duty cycle. Only one company I can think of has a "ramp" up fan. Others have a "on demand" fan, but many suffer from bulkiness and low duty cycles (lower than ours).

    The red light comes on as part of the programming diagnostic.

  3. Question

    Thanks for your informative response performance . If I find a quieter fan that moves the same CFM as the one in the unit, can I replace the original loud fan with the quieter one without voiding warranty? The stock fan is too loud for my ears during long welding sessions, hence my question.
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    Welding is a LOUD occupation. If you've ever run an engine drive welder all day, this is but a whisper. Even stick welding is louder than the fan. In fact, ear plugs are recommended for welders of about any process. Hammering, banging and other activities can all exceed the comfort level. But I digress...

    Fan noise is a by product of cfm. I doubt you'd find one quieter that moves that amount of air. You have to have the same diameter and same exact specs...which would likely result in the same noise level. And we won't warranty any resulting problems with the unit, that could occur, from reducing or changing the duty cycle.

    For a better solution, lower the welding unit, by placing it under a table or below waist level. The noise will definitely be less.

  5. Default Fan Noise

    Just wondering what your frame of reference is in regard to the fan noise? I have a 250EX and it is no louder than ANY other machine I have ever used in over 30 years. Maybe yours is rubbing on something? I just fail to see how the fan noise from a unit such as these can be SO disrupting? Mine ie just white noise of sorts.

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