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    Default I love my 210ext

    My name is jon, I have a small time welding shop I run part time, the rest of the time I am a aviation tig welder for the navy and use a 600 lb. miller syncrowave 350p regularly, the first advantage is the duty cycle at 200 amps for being only 65lbs, aviation is pretty thin stuff so going over 150 is rare, the arc on the everlast is quicker and more stable on ac and since it's inverter style I weld everything with 2% lanth so I don't have to swap back and forth for materials like I to on the miller saves money and time, I added the w300 cooler and a weldcraft cs310 torch and improved the machine even more, every time I get to fire this machine up it is like therapy while under the hood! Thank you team everlast

    Your pp80s is performing well on the torchmate also.
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    Machines: EVERLAST Power Tig 210EXT w/ water cooler and 25' CS310 weldcraft torch
    MILLER 211 mig w/spool gun
    EVERLAST Power Plasma 80s mounted on my Torchmate 2x2 cnc table
    SMITHY 1324 mill/lathe
    60 gal. 7.5 hp air compressor


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