Hi all. My next project. Fortunately its a rather simple one. I have to replace the Coolant Bottle on a 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity V6. Problem is, I can't get the replacement part. So I need to get a "Universal" bottle. Which will involve me making a bracket to reuse the existing mounting locations. I am Probably going to use a 1/8" thick Aluminum bar. Cut and bend to fit. Drill a couple holes. Should be ok?? Its only a coolant bottle. Or I am going to make it the harder way. Using some flat steel bar. Again Cut and Bent and drilled to reuse the existing mounting locations. And weld a bar running a diagonal across to hang the bottle on. Then I would have to paint it. Got to get the bottle first and see how it will fit. Fortunately Summit Racing has one in stock. Hopefully it will arrive next week.