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    Since receiving my 250EX back from repair, it performs better than ever. Such a tight, crisp arc. Easily directed and controlled. Now I am able to virtually eliminate frosting on sides of weld. I am so thankful for finding this company! Keep up the good work!

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    ive had mine almost 5 yrs. now and have made some decent money from it and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn tig or start a little income on the side .
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    Well... My 250EX burnt up again today! It had been working great, mostly tigging aluminum. I switched over to stick welding with 3/32 rod at 70 amps and it began to smoke. So now I suppise I'll have to pay another $150 in shipping. More importantly is the down time with out machine.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    These are two pics of what I found.

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    Looks like you let the smoke out of those caps.

    I hope they can get you taken care of quickly. I'm still waiting on my machine to be repaired.

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    Well, I finally heard from repair site. They have determined my welder was struck by lightening and are not going to warranty it. I tried to explain that was an impossibility because I never leave any machines plugged in. Just the nature of sharing shop with vehicles. I further tried to make clear that I was using machine when it failed! I had been tig welding. Then I switched over to do some stick welding. When I did, machine started smoking. Again, no chance of a lightening strike. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed in Everlast!

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    Probably worth calling customer service about it.
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    Any update?

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    Sorry to hear your machine failed again. How long did it take from the time you shipped the machine until you heard back from them?
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    About 3months. It's sad. I know my machine wasn't abused or struck by lightening. I have put in calls to Ray, written 2emails to Oleg, no response!

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    Quote Originally Posted by broberts5 View Post
    About 3months. It's sad. I know my machine wasn't abused or struck by lightening. I have put in calls to Ray, written 2emails to Oleg, no response!
    Very concerning to hear that. I've been interested in buying an Everlast machine and was just beginning to look again. From what I read it seems they are really good welding machines at an unbeatable values when everything works right.. but the long repair time, how common issues appear to be + having to pay freight both ways is quite concerning. Perhaps we only hear about the bad on the forum and not all of the ones that work fine for the long haul, but it's concerning nonetheless.
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