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    i have an Ultra205 combo machine, and recieved the foot pedal to it ....
    im guessing its Everlasts older model, due to the knob on the pedal for control...

    is there a way to modify this thing to bypass the knob on the pedal so i can just adjust max current control on the welder? im dont know much about the internals of the pedal , so i would need a HOW TO , on what wires goes where...

    doesnt make since to me , that if you use the panel , you have your current range from 0-150 (or higher) , but when you use the pedal , the panel is bypass and you got to use the knob on the pedal that has numbers from 0-10 ?

    granted , i dont HAVE to know my current range, i can fig it out by welding... but i do like to have a reference and knowing what current im using ...

    so if im welding sheetmetal , i can set the current to around 50 or soo and just us the pedal to control the rest .... but this pedal has 1-10 on it , so i gotta guess what number would be equal to 50 current...


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    McClary. Your version did come with that type pedal. A lot of other machines have done the same thing for years.

    You machine is the entry level unit and it is configured differently than some of the more expensive models like the PowerPro 256.

    It does make sense in a way. The pedal can be controlled without having to return back to the machine to set the max amps. Only a turn on the pedal makes the adjustment.

    The 0-10 setting should be really thought of as a percent from 0 to 100. Setting the pedal at 5 should more or less give you a 50% of 200 amps control range, which would be a max of 100 amps.

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    thanks Mark for the response...

    guess im just use to my Miller tig pedal , it doesnt have a control on it , i control it threw the welder...

    granted i understand how it might be a easier to just control the max current threw the pedal knob.. im just more use to liking the idea of see'n and setting my current on the machine...

    i realized for the price of the machine and all , i cant expect more from it....

    i was just hoping there was a way to rewire the pedal to bypass that knob and be able to control the max current threw the machine ...


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    If you would consider an upgrade someday, I think you'd enjoy the benefits the higher end machines have. We try to have a unit that fits all budgets. These higher end machines cost us a lot more to have produced. So, we too pay for additional features and we have to pass it along.

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