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Thread: 200 DX - Pulse question on AC

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    The 200 DX is rated down to 20 amps in AC mode. Does this restrict the pulse amps to no less than 20 amps also?

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    Yes. 20 amps is the bottom. Think about it, If it was one amp that was the minimum, how would you expect pulse to work? Practically, the reason the unit is limited to 20 amps is that is bottom end that the unit can hold a stable arc. We have the 250EX, 210EXT, 255EXT etc, that can start and hold an arc at much lower amps in AC, but they are also more expensive. But even if it is 5 will bottom out the capabilities of the pulse the closer you go to the minimum amperage. For example, if you set it for 5% pulse amps, and the unit is set at 30 will 20 amps as the bottom or the unit will cut out the arc.

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    Thanks Mark - that's what I thought, and it makes sense. But I can probably live with 20 amps anyway! :-)

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