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Thread: PP-50 plasma cutter from Amazon

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    Default PP-50 plasma cutter from Amazon

    Hi, I'm new to this form so this is my first post.
    I just bought a PP-50 Plasma cutter from amazon and it came with a iTP-60 torch. I expected a S45 torch and also I read on the forum that the PP-50 was last years model so I would like to know what I should do. Is the iTP-60 as good as the S45, is there upgrades to the PP-50 I should know about? Also where can I get consumables for the TP-60 and other parts should I need then.

    I'm new to plasma cutting so I'm not sure what to expect but so far the PP-50 seems to work great and has met my expectations.

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    The PT 60 is the NEW torch. The unit has been upgraded. The s 45 parts will work on the torch body, if all consumables are replaced as a set including the shielding cup. The PP50 offers improved cutting with the new heavier duty torch. This is the same basic torch being used by several companies now, including HTP. Consumables should be available through us.

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