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Thread: New 2015 PowerTIG 255EXT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambozo View Post
    30A for full power operation. Depending on how much power you need, you might get by with 15-20 at a reduced output level.
    Slightly over 30 amp, but a slow trip 30 should do it. 20 amps will work though for TIG fairly well IF you are running in a delayed trip breaker on an circuit that is isolated from other current draw. I used it up to 150 amps with the pedal, and probably was in the 110 to 120 amp range most of the time and did not trip. Did trip at 110 amps with stick though.

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    Got several new videos that should have already been loaded on it...had microphone issues. Got a new good one and now it is great. Maybe tonight I can start uploading the revoiced video parts.

    ONE thing for guys that like a quieter welding experience, the new unit uses 4 fans...that's right 4 fans...Moves a lot more air, and from my sound measurements about 10-12 decibels quieter. I think you'll be able to hear it on some of the videos...or hear the lack of the fan noise.
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    Has anyone seen the new torch connector we are using along with the available "flex" cables?
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    Very nice updates on the 255. New connector looks good. Any idea of how the gas outlet clocks when it's tight? Yeah, the video volume has been a bit all over the place. Always a big surprise when I forget how high I have the volume cranked up, and the next video comes on.
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    Wow, Very nice machine, Well done. Nice accessories, too.

    I have one water-cooled 20F torch with that connector. In my 255 EXT, when snugged up, the water outlet ends up under the dinze, nearly vertically, almost a perfect alignment. Holding the connector with the water hose down, the dinze lug is facing up, 180 degrees opposite.

    With the dual voltage, and the new features, and the accessories, this is a formidable contender. I would get one again, they're just getting better.

    So... Where are the videos? I can't track them down anywhere...

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    Would have been up earlier this week but our 2 year old has been sick. Working on them this afternoon. Too bad too because it's nice outside.

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    Nice work on the new features, guys. A 10-12dB noise reduction is impressive! It's apparent you've been attentively listening to your customers.
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    So do you think if I stayed under a 100amp I could get away with a 15amp breaker?

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    Probably not. More like 90, but that is going to depend upon your breaker type or fuse.

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    Next video. There will be more covering setup of features and actual welding. But there's some neat things to see here in this one. Many improvements we haven't talked much about.<br>

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    Should have added this last week to this page but was busy with other things.

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    AND... Although completed within hours of each other, this was to post a few days later, but due to some sinister early stomach flu bug that hit me and brought me to the edge of incoherence and pain threshold for a day and a half and a couple more of healing, this one was delayed. But it's up and since it's the final one, it's a little longer as we (I) feed you a lot of welding footage. A word of explanation about the video. This is pretty much raw footage as I shot it (with dead air cut out) during the first test run of the unit which was an advanced copy. So, there was a bit of adjusting and playing around with it going on. Parameters are mentioned and many of the settings were "guesstimates" when I started. There are a couple of evident technical errors, maybe even a tungsten dip or two. No excuses, but trying to play around and get a feel of it could best describe what was going on... Something that might feel genuinely useful to a person who "just got their unit". (I hope.) Anyway, feel free to post up any questions or comments! This unit is really, really good. Better in my opinion than last years version by 20%! It just has a little different feel...and the noise level. In this video, the welding sounds are heard and though there is a low background music track you can hear the difference in the fan noise level which is only 5 feet or so from the camera which is actually facing the welder which is over to the left of my shoulder within arm's reach for quick changes to the parameters.

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    Says video is private.

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    Sorry. Youtube was acting funny last night. When I put it public it balked at my attempts along with saving some other information I had added to the upload. Should work now.

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