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Thread: Flex Loc torch vs regular Flex Head

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    Just bought new pp205s and considering buying a different tig torch. Think I've pretty much narrowed it down to CK with super flex but unsure whether I should go with the regular flex head or go with the Flex Loc. Also noticed it looks like with the Flex Loc the user could choose series 2 or 3 heads to go with it. Don't really think this would influence my decision that much as all the consumables I have now would be series 3 anyway and don't want to have to buy anything more than I have to. Just wondered if anyone has used both and knows advantages, disadvantages of regular flex vs flex loc. Also, I bought the upgrades deluxe accessories kit that came with different plasma torch than I've seen on the everlast website. I'll put up some pics when I get my phone charged up. Thanks.

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    A few years ago I switched to the CK Flex Loc with super flex water cooled 230 amp and series 2 head,gas lens. 250 syncrowave. Then Purchased a 250EX and treated my self to the Ck super flex gas cooled series 3 head and purchased an extra series 2 head gas lens. I do roll cages ,motorcycle frames the super flex hoses just don't get hung up or in the way, 360* swivel head is a god send. With water cooled and series 3 head I easily weld 1/2 alum brackets. I use the 22-25 ft hose and suspend them on an overhead swinging arm like a jib crane,no floor dragging keeps hose weight off my torch hand.Sure glad swivel heads and super flex hoses came along. I have no affiliation, I belive in stuff that helps a person do a better job. And yes I do switch heads often to suit the job. Small light makes things easier for me. There are other brands now available but won't wrong with swivel head style for out of position job shop.

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