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Thread: Just got my and pics inside !!

  1. Default Just got my and pics inside !!

    hey guys..
    got my 250ex about a month ago and i am really enjoying using it. here are my thoughts...

    before purchasing i did fair bit of research on chinese inverter tig's and Everlast was one of my main candidates. after countless hours reading feedback nd watching youtube video feedback i decided to go with it.

    Concerns i had before purchase:

    *read many threads about items being damaged whilst in delivery. i live in my unit was getting shipped to NY and then heading out to my country from there. so this was a real concern given the long transit time

    *read quite a few complaints about the quality of the foot pedal and torch included

    *small electrical malfunctions/loose connections etc

    *machine is loud

    Despite these issues people were having..i was optimistic and decided to go ahead with the ebay purchase. the unit arrived a few weeks later at my door.

    Initial thoughts:

    there was no damage what so ever and i was really about that. torch quality was not bad..we are used to chinese tig accessories here..looked the same, but torch line was nice and flexible. being a 18-series water cool torch..its a little bulky...but once again..we are used to no biggie. foot pedal looked ok.

    next..i powered the sucker up...started with some s/s dc welding..arc is fantastic..machine worked without any issues. foot pedal works that was great. played around with dc settings a bit and managed get it welding very good.

    next switched it over to this is the real reason i bought this machine. purely for aluminum welding and i wanted a small plant that can weld 1/2 thick 6061. i am a race car fabricator by we do a fair bit of stuff in alloy. i have two other Telwin tig plants which really struggle with anything over 3mm's thick...

    first thing i did was to run some beads on 3mm thick aluminum. this machine was already out performing my older tig plants. next i cranked up the amps and welded some 1/2" thick aluminum stuff....HOLY ####...this thing puddles that sucker like butter..i got some beautiful runs even on that thick aluminum. i was really impressed. over the next couple of days i played around with the pulse. it was a bit tricky at first but i got it working quite good.

    here's some work i've done with this plant...i still have not perfected the i am not using it on any of my work pieces. these welds were on straight AC (pulse off)

    some 316 s/s (no pulse)

    some 321 s/s (no pulse)

    some 6061 alloy welding (no pulse)

    once i get the hang of the pulse settings fully...i will start to start to use it on my products. after welding the 1/2" aluminum...i cit the welded piece in half and the penetration was superb. totally welded up.

    overall impressions...

    very happy with it. simply put..its a very affordable little beast. i am very sure this plant can handle up to 3/4" thick alloy welding. i am going to try it out when i have some time. will post the results.

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    some pics of the machine when it arrived...

    i prefered the EX over the EXT. i figured if anything was to go wrong...the EXT would be harder to attend to being digital. also figured since the EX has been out for a while..any bugs would have been ironed out by now. EXT is relatively newer...

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    Nice welder and some very nice welds. I think you got a winner. It looks like you do some good quality work. Make sure you post up some other projects you put together. I hope you and the EX have a long profitable relationship. Do you purge the tubing while welding it ? I did not see a tig cooler, did you get one ?
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    Nice looking welds! What part of Asia? Just curious if you had to adapt to local commercial power (50 Hz vs. 60 Hz).
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    hey guys..
    hey dave, i am from sri lanka and i run a race fabrication shop here. this is my newest addition and thus its doing a great job. the arc is very focused. my workshop has 3 phase and single phase. i am not sure about the Hz..i think its 60hz here. i am running this machine one a single phase line at the moment because i am yet to set up a new welding station for it. but honestly i am not sure about the Hz value.

    TheGary...yes mate..all our s/s welding is back purged.

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    the EX is been put through its paces, been welding manifolds all's a 321 s/s weld off a waste-gate take off...

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