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Thread: Foot pedal does not stop arc sometime, now my 200DX is not working

  1. Angry Foot pedal does not stop arc sometime, now my 200DX is not working

    Like the title says, when I release the foot pedal, sometime the arc will not stop completely, I mean the amp goes down but, still get an arc.

    Last night, I was welding and it happen again, Now there is a hissing sound inside the welder, tought it was

    a gas leak but, when I look inside the welder at the front, I can see an arc ( I think it called spark gap).

    Now, as soon as I turn on the welder, the arc is on, I turn it off after one or two seconds.

    I really need my welder to finish a job I was working on.

    My welder is only a couple months old, maybe 5 or 6 months and have maybe 25 hours of welding time with it.

    Is there anything I can do to fix it.

    Thanks for your time.

    On the welding forum, they prefer to argue about a ####ing 2T/4T function that does not exist instead of helping me trying to find a solution to my problem


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    Sounds like the switch in the pedal is out of adjustment. You can find some posts here with photos of whats inside. It should not be that tough to make that adjustment. It is normal for the HF arc points inside to spark for a bit when you first turn on the machine as they do a self test. But if the pedal switch is stuck on they will go much longer. You can check this by unplugging the pedal then power up the machine.
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    I am not sure, as I did not see the forum flag your post as new, as I look for the bold print. I have not seen it bold. But anyway,
    Rambozo is right on all accounts here, when see the spark that is the HF which is stuck on. I suggest you check the pedal switch too. This forum is where we provide tech support for the welders primarily and is where we tune in to see if there are any customer issues. WW is well, not that type of forum typically to say the least. If it won't work, after checking the torch switch and the foot pedal to eliminate all possibilities, I'd call tech support directly.

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    Great to receive some feedback here.

    Will make some tests and update my thread.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Ok, unpluged the connector for the foot pedal and everything looks OK, if I hoock up the connector, the arc start fire up again,

    so trouble is in the foot pedal.

    Thanks, Jeff

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    Ok, problem solved, just bent the micro switch lever a bit and it work.

    Thanks, Jeff

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