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Thread: No Pilot Arc with PP256

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    Hello. I have never used any plasma cutter, so this could be operator error. That said, I am a robotics engineer, and have very few "operator error" moments with technology. I still hope I am missing or doing something obvious.

    From all videos and threads I have researched it seems I should get plasma even in open air, when not near metal, due to the way the pilot arc works. Is that correct?

    Can someone please confirm that the correct polarity is with the ground clamp on the + side, and the torch in the - side? I am setting front panel for DC, 2T, Cut, is that correct?

    I have the more basic Everlast torch that does NOT have the swirl ring. When I hit the torch button I get air flow, and think I can hear two distinct relays clicking. Several LED's light up on the PCB on top of the unit (with the cover off). The current drops, as if a big load is put on the unit, but get no plasma. Starts at 66amps, and drops to about 35amps when I hit the trigger. Could it be shorted somewhere?

    TIG (AC and DC) and stick welding functions still work fine.

    Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? I do not see any loose wires or anything else obvious on any PCB's.

    Thank you in advance for your input!

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    Which torch do you have exactly? Have a picture of it and the unit itself? That will speed things and help us help you better. Are you not seeing an HF arc across the points?

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    Also make sure you have your preflow turned off.

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