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    Default Wood Splitting Maul Repair

    A friend brought me his wood splitting maul and asked if I could put an edge on it for him. I noticed it had a crack all the way through one side, into the opening where the handle goes so I repaired it.
    I had already started cutting when I decided to take pictures. I cut a wedge out to the bottom of the crack, then ground all the rust out to get a clean weld. I heated the part with a propane torch to about 500 degrees to minimize warping when the weld cooled. It took about six passes using my I-MIG 250P and .035 wire at 19v. I cut the weld back down to match the other side with a 24 grit flap disk on a 7" grinder. No warpage from the weld, I just had to touch up the underside of the weld in the handle area with a carbide burr to make the handle fit well again.

    Click image for larger version. 

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