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    Hello all,
    Just purchased an Everlast Powertig 250EX. The first machine I received was defective and I had to return after talking the the folks at Everlast Canada. Duncan at Everlast was really good and knowledgeable and sent me out a replacement straight away. The new machine seems to be working a charm.

    I am from eastern Canada and my wife and I have recently retired. (Nah! we are not old....LOL!!) We have just started a small plasma CNC business and see where that goes. Make a couple of million I hope....LOL!!!! We have a Plasmacam and it has been a bit of a learning curve, but with help from Plasmacam and online forums, we are getting the hang of things.

    I did my apprenticeship as a welder/pipe fabricator about 35yrs ago in the UK. When I moved to Canada a few years later, I changed careers, but have always been interested in welding etc. When I did my Tig back then it was with massive machines with just tungsten electrodes and none of these frequencies, wave forms upslopes etc. These new machines are amazing, so small, and powerful and all these wonderful bells and whistles to play with.

    I watched a lot of youtube to research welders and what clinched me getting the Everlast was Jody on Welding Tips and Tricks using and rating them. I would have preferred to buy North American, but all the big names are so expensive. Their machines or a large proportion of the parts in them come from China. So it seems they are pretty much making the machines for the same price as the chinese, but adding on a great deal of profit as they are American names. That's my view anyway. I know some of you will want to shoot me as a traitor...
    Anyways, I am glad to be here and am looking forward to having lots of fun with my new welder.

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    Welcome to the group Tony...good choice of machine,,,Duncan is a good guy to deal with,,,best of wishes on your new adventure in fabricating...Jody is what sold me on the 250EX,,got one and haven't looked back on it...
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    Welcome to the forum from another Canadian and yes Duncan and Jean at Everlast Canada are very nice people to deal with. You have a nice welder the PowerTig 250EX good luck with it and your Plasma cutting business.
    Everlast PowerTig 325EXT (Canada)
    Everlast Power I Mig 250 (Canada)
    Everlast PowerPlasma 80S (Canada)
    Everlast PowerCool W300 (Canada)
    Everlast PowerMTS 250S Fitted with a 30A Spoolgun(Canada)
    Miller Dynasty 400 wireless(Canada)
    Millermatic 252 plus 30A Spoolgun(Canada)

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