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Thread: HF Start Points Adjustment on Powertig 200DX Dual Voltage

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    Default HF Start Points Adjustment on Powertig 200DX Dual Voltage

    What are the instructions for removing the cover and adjusting the points for HF start on an Everlast 200DX Dual Voltage Welder?
    Everlast 200DX Dual Voltage
    ThermalArc 181i
    Lincoln ProCut 25
    Victor O/A Torch
    Jackson Pro Variable
    Jackson HSL100 Passive w/Phillips Gold #10
    Tweco Weldskill Auto-Darkening

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    None. Preferably you call in and get this over the phone. It's simple enough but we can work you around any obstacles more quickly. However, you should unplug the unit first, 15 minutes or so ahead of time.
    Loosen the rear panel cover, and the metal cover. Do not mess with the front panel. You can see the board for the HF once you open it up. It should be below the top board. You'll need to set it to about .030-.045"

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