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Thread: Made an offer on the PowerPlasma 50, No reply!

  1. Default Made an offer on the PowerPlasma 50, No reply!

    After reading info on here and other places I made an offer on the PowerPlasma 50 on here over the weekend. Thought I would get a reply today. hmmm, if they are not in a hurry to sell me a unit, makes me wonder how quick they are with an repair.

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    Call Mark 877-755-9353 x204

    He will take care of you
    PowerARC 300

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    Damn............. And I thought I was impatient!

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    Mondays are extremely busy. But if you made a low ball offer, then it could be the reason it was not replied to as a priority.

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    Preformance,and DXN1EL, Thanks for the info replies, It was not a low ball offer. Just thought I would of got an email saying they received my offer. I can pick the unit up at the local big box store, but I rather get it directly from Everlast. ljdm1956, thanks for your non helpful input

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    You're welcome

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    When I order my PowerARC 300, I use the "Make an Offer" feature In less than 5 minutes I got a call from Oleg? I believe. That my offer was accepted.
    PowerARC 300

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    I actually got a rejection, then a counteroffer, within an hour. So I guess it depends on how busy they are.

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    Yea, that's what I thought. Thanks guys. I will just call them tomorrow and talk to someone. Thanks again.

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    I called and talked to Mark. End up purchasing the PowerPlasma 60s . Nice guy, very informational about his product. He did tall me I would receive an email and tracking number no later than 8 pm. It is almost 10 pm, guess what? no email. I am having a heck of time on here with emails.

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    I'll have to check why it didn't auto forward, but your tracking is


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    Thanks Mark, can't wait to get it. I texted you my email, seems to be having an issue with it. Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckmaster View Post
    Thanks Mark, can't wait to get it. I texted you my email, seems to be having an issue with it. Thanks again.


    i looked in sales inbox and didnt see any emails at all from you .. Glad mark helped you out
    Oleg Gladshteyn
    Phone: 650 588 8082 / 877 755 WELD
    Cell: 415 613 6664 ONLY IF YOU REALLY NEED IT

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    Oleg, that would explain why I have not received any. I sent you an email, with my email incase it is needed. Thanks

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