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Thread: 3 year warranty for MOSFET based Everlast units starting Feb 15 2014

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    Default 3 year warranty for MOSFET based Everlast units starting Feb 15 2014

    We wanted to give several weeks notice that as of Feb. 15, of this year we will be downgrading the warranty on the MOSFET units on purchases on and after this date to 3 years. Details of the new warranty will be on the new site, but it is similar to the 5 year, but reduced to 3.

    While it is still a substantial warranty, we've made this move because we want to help underscore the differences between the MOSFET and IGBT product lines. We wanted to further define the expectations in performance, life span and general construction of the SuperCut series, and SuperUltra series. These units are economy, entry level units and are not intended for the kinds of applications many in which many of them are used.

    We hope this move will be understood by the customers, and help them to see and understand that there is a significant difference between the models. Some people will say its because we don't have confidence in the MOSFET line. We do, but only when used as intended for light home owner use. While the definition of "light" may vary in each person's mind, we find that most people end up using these units as time goes by, increasingly hard and longer than when they were first bought. This is in part why we have reduced the length of the warranty.

    The current customers with MOSFET units such as the Multi-Pro, SuperUltra, and SuperCut series will not be affected by this change as long as they retain proof of purchase.

    For those that question this move, its been one we've carefully evaluated and had to put a price on. The IGBT line will remain as it is.

    The Everlast Team
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