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    Hi Everyone

    My plans are to purchase a 200dx soon. Will a champion 7000 watt continuous 9000 watt surge run this welder? Would it require some type of line conditioner? A gen like THIS ONE


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    The specs for that model call for minimum 7500 watts of "clean" power. "Clean" is the description of the sine wave coming out of the generator, and is measuredas Total Harmonic Distortion. Clean power is described as 5% or less THD, so you'll need to look for that in a generator.

    I don't recall- the warehouse club near us (BJs, not costco) has that same generator, I *think*. I called their tech support and the guy told me THD is "less than 26%", a touch too far off that 5% target.
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    I don't see a problem with it ,,,,I have almost the identical one,,,slightly bigger,,,7500 watts 9375 surge watts model 41535,,,yours is called a champion model 41532,,,,mine is a category 5 from Northern Tool,,,,runs my imig 205 and power arc 200,,,no problems,,,all the hype about clean power is a bit overplayed,,The tech who told DaveO about it having a 26% THD doesn't know much...about THD
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    Thank you Dave and Geezer

    I wondered about the "Clean Power" issue and if there were some type of protection I could put in the line. Geezer if yours works, it works! That's what I wanted to know.


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    I believe this discussion has been tossed around a few times on the board. I agree with geezer; I used a NT Powerhorse 7000 for a good 2 plus years. I believe most new generators are going to be clean. My only suggestion is to allow yourself some room for power, and do not buy a generator that meets the minimum requirements. If you have to wait until Northern Tool runs a good sale and get one then. Northern Tool's extended warranty along with their accidental damage warranty will keep your investment protected. Your not just running a welder, chances are you will be running tools, lights, and a welder at some point.
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    No, most generators aren't clean.
    Sean, yours was.
    As part of the Everlast team with official declarative powers in this manner, do not use it. The champions aren't clean. Clean power generators are typically 30% to 40% more than non clean power generators....Any Everlast unit run on non clean power will not be warrantied. End of story. We've discussed this, and people say "oh, but I do this." Fine. It may work, but I know what I've discussed with the factory and what our overall experience has been when product has been on dirty power.

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    Is there a list of clean power acceptable generators? I might want to save up for one to power my 250ex, 250 mig and plasma 60.
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    No. No list. Consult with the manufacturer of the generator.You are going to need probably about 15,000kw for these units.

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    the larger units like the 250EX require breakers above 30 amps 240 volts,,,,this means you need larger power units in the 10 to 15 thousand range as performance has stated,,,regardless of brand the limiting factor on most gensets is the 30 amp 240 volt breaker,,,,my 250 ex requires at least 40 amps at 240 volts and 50 amps at 208 volts to fire up ...without blowing a breaker,,,I don't use the 250ex on a genset...
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    I would shoot for a GP15000E (portable and electric start) if you want to run a 250EX. But they have a blue price. I see them at pawn shops sometimes for a better price if you trust a used one. If using for a business, go with a new one.
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    The GP will not safely run the's about as dirty as it comes. The GP stands for "general purpose" aka. construction site generator good for running light strings and some powersaws etc. But I know that Generac themselves get very nervous when you talk to them about running a welder off their GP series.

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    We use the IMIG200 all the time on a porter cable 5500, never had an issue. But it is just under 30 amps.
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